Music From Central Asia: Uzbekistan On The Silk Ro

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Matchonov, Ochilbek

Since ancient times, various civilizations have developed, blossomed and declined in Central Asia. They left deep traces in local and world culture. Musical and theatrical art, which also has its roots in antiquity, developed out of the multinational cultures of Central Asia. Ancient monuments of the Kushan period show musicians with a simple string instrument, a flute-like wind instrument and an oblong double-headed drum. These instruments were used as both solo instruments and in ensembles. Uzbek music has developed out of cross-fertilization but most significantly out of a so-called “Pan-Islamic tradition” which is common to the whole of Islamic culture from Morocco to Iran. Someo of the common aspects are the basic instrument types (including, largely, their names), their monophonic and homophonic characteristics, the microtonal structure of the instruments as well as the vocal accompaniments. Uzbek music also shares the two distinct classes of music: folk music and the classical “art music” based on the maqam. Ochilbek Matchonov was born in 1979 in the city of Khiva in the Khorezm region, Uzbekistan. The youngest of three children, he was born blind. Since childhood he was fond of music and played different national instruments. He went to a school for the blind and then to a music school specializing in Bakhchilik, the Uzbek traditional singing of old legends, and the improvisation of a story during singing.) After that he went on to study maqam singing in the city of Urgench. In his songs, he sings about love, religious subjects and courage. His dream is to leave behind music that will last.

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