World Of Gypsies

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Label: ARC
Catalog: EUCD2724
Format: CD

Ahmet Kusgöz Ve Arkadaslari; Trio Talisman; Severin, Gelu; Danza Fuego; Groupe Sidi Mimoun Band; András Farkas Jr. Ensemble; Vorontsov, Sergey; Gogunskiy, Konstantin; Ponomareva, Valentina; Kusgoz, Ahmet; Taraful Ciuleandra; Barbocz, Sandor; Ponomarev, Oleg; Balogh, Kálmán; Farkas, András; Sobhy, Reda; Taraful din Baia; Meta Folk Band; El Ramly, Sherif; Khamoro Budapest Band; El Kobraty, Ahmed; Fanfara din Cozmesti

Much has been said and written about the origins and first appearances of the Gypsies. Their first documented existence in Europe dates back to the early fifteenth century and most scholars agree that they originally came from Northern India. This is based on the resemblance of their Romany language to certain languages in Northern India. Apparently, the Gypsies migrated into Persia in the 11th century and further into South East Europe around the beginning of the 14th century and from there into Western Europe. Today, Gypsies live all over the world, including North and South America and even Australia. As many Gypsies worked as musicians or entertainers, they had a considerable impact on the music of the countries in which they lived- their own particular musical style often combined with the folk music of a particular country, thus preserving the traditions over centuries. The so-called Gypsy repertoire can be described as a blend of Russian, Hungarian and Romanian influences but on the other hand the Roma have contributed their own style to many areas of music and influenced other artists in their music, such as Bizet, Brahms and Dvorak, to name but a few. In this compilation, a variety of Gypsy music has been included, from purely traditional to modern, including soloists who excel with their instruments, small Gypsy ensembles, large Gypsy brass bands, some of the greatest Gypsy singers and composers as well as travelling Egyptian Gypsies, recorded on location.

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