Und Sie Dreht Sich Doch

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Label: Thorofon
Catalog: CTH2637


...and yet it moves! - The famous exclamation attributed to Galileo Galilei after his judgement by the Catholic church raises associations with groundbreaking modernity and the triumph of truth and reason against their attempted suppressino. Galileo and the effect of his work reaches far beyond this oft-glorified moment of resistance against the church, however. The Duo Steimel-Mücksch presents the various faces of Galileo as a physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher in this recording: starting with Mario Mary's piece "Las intuiciones de Galileo", the duo has commissioned composers to write for the unusual combination of guitar and accordion and to let themselves be inspired by the work and personality of Galileo. The results of this porject are as multifaceted as Galileo's work itself - philosophical thought stands next to research about astronomical constellations and physical concepts. In addition to the four commissioned pieces and the composition by Mario Mary, two works by Jose M. Sanchez-Verdi and Christopher Brandt can be heard which each explore the various possibilities presented by this interesting instrumental combination. The heterogenous nature of this music can be seen clearly in the instruments themselves: the breathy, sustained sound of the accordion contrasting with the direct, quickly decaying sound world of the guitar. In close cooperation with the composers, a musical representation of the enigmatic and ultimately revolutionary personality of Galileo has been created.

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