In Our Time …

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Catalog: CDM3003

Hogman, Christina; Malmqvist, Bjorn; Royal College Symphony Orchestra, Stockholm; Duo Gelland; Jansson, Mats; Sparf, Nils-Erik; Asahara, Yoriko; Pettersson, Bo; Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, The

I composed Para dos violines" for Duo Gelland, first as a shorter piece - mainly what is now the first movement. For a project with the society Samtida Musik (Contemporary Music) I expanded the piece into a work of four ovements. On September 30, 2015, "Para dos violines" was premiered at the Culture House in Skarpnäck, South Stockholm. After the concert, Duo Gelland asked me if I would consdier adding a fifth movement. The completed five movement work was the ngive its first performance on June, 11, 2016 at a concert in Lübeck, Germany. "Des Menschen Wort vergeht" is a poem written by Karl Wolfskehl in 1934. It deals with man killing the word, how he drains it and twists its true meaning. It feels only too relevant today. I composed this work in 2013, commissioned by Swedish Arts Council for Vollen United who premiered it at the Sound of Stockhold Festival that same year. "Rite Now" is an old work, composed in 1991. I had planned to write a lyrical piece for string trio and electronics. The piece was, however heavily affected by an ongoing war and turned into something rather nasty. A string trio recorded nine voices to which I added percussion and electronics. "Rite Now" can be listened to as it is on this recording, or with strings and/or percussion playing along with the recording. It must be performed at very high volume, really loud! "SXQII" was composed in 2014 for the Stockhold Saxophone Quartet who premiered it on March 19, 2016, at a concert at Musikaliska, Stockholm. "Night Music" was composed in 2016 for Yoriko Asahara, Mats Jansson, Björn Malmqvist, and Bo Pettersson. It was commissioned by the ensemble with support from Helge Axson-Josson's foundation. Karin Almlöf's painting ont eh cover served as inspiration for the composition of Night Music.

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