Nell'anno Della Luna

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Label: Schema
Catalog: SCEB957LP
Format: CD + VINYL


It is hard to believe (and somehow a relief) that in this internet age we live in is still difficult to find information on some records. The few information available on "Nell'anno della luna" by Gino Conte and his orchestra, tell the story of a soundtrack composed specifically for the movie by the same name directed by Romolo Marcellini in 1969. Marcellini was a director who specialized in documentaries (his most famous work is "La Grande Olimpiade", a movie dedicated to the Rome olympic games in 1960), but also directed adventure movies such as "I pirati del golfo" or "Sentinelle di bronzi". Not even the ever-precise internet movie database is able to help us, and mystery surrounds the movie and its soundtrack, which was released one year later. A beautiful work that lingers in between swing and melodies, in a fad that was popular a few decades earlier, complmented by some elements of novelty borrowed from beat and rock. Tracks such as the title track, "Alla brasiliana" and "Samba Querida" sound more traditional, while titles like "Afro Swing", "Underground", "Beatmania" (all featuring the vocal ensemble I 4 + 4, led by Nora Orlandi) representa more adventurous side of this soundtrack. This reissue is complemented by 5 alternative versions.

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