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Catalog: PCD167

Tall Tales

"Tall Tales" originated as the graduation project of Arvid Ingeberg and Oskar Alex, two friends at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. The goal of the project was to become better composers, arrangers, and musicians by starting a completely new band, writing/arranging every piece of music together, working as a team from start to finish, and growing by challenging themselves and each other to reinvent what they had done musically up to that point. This resutled in the seven piece band "Tall Tales", and their first album "GAMUT" is now being released. The music is a combination of the two leaders' shared influences, which include everything from The Beatles to Fleetfoxes, Vulfpeck, and Daft Punk. They do not shy away from combining genres, and the result is a fresh mix of very melodic, groovy, and contemporary music, with plenty of room for improvisation, as well as carefully arranged and orchestrated passages.

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