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Catalog: DIGR53


Vito Ottolino started playing the guitar at ten years old, learning the first chords from his father, and continued by himself devoting himself to Brazilian music , the acoustic blues, and fingerstyle. At 14 he began to play the electric guitar in various youth groups of pop-rock music. In '85 he collaborated with the folk songs Company "Gaviota" of Conversano, doing research work and arrangement of folk music. From '88 to '98 he was part of the pop music group "KABALA" working on tour with several nationally known artists and with whom he published a famous Italian tunes rearranged album based on Latin-American rhythms. In '94 he received his Diploma in guitar with full marks and honors from the Conservatory of Music "N. Piccinni "in Bari under the guidance of Prof. Linda Calsolaro and Maestro Sante Tursi. This new release features original compositions by Ottolino, as well as one contribution from P. Metheny. Ottolino is joined for this recording by double bassist Francesco Angiuli and percussionist Cesare Pastanella.

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