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Catalog: CONTINUO109
Format: CD


The organ of St. Louis of the French in Rome is undoubtedly an exceptional instrument among the organs in Italy: it is indeed one of the few French romantic-symphonic organs in the country. The charming sound of this instrument has inspired the idea of recording organ compositions, romantic or more recent, which could help discover and appreciate its sumptuous sound. A project for the construction of a large organ, to be placed in the choir lift already built in 1745, was asked in 1840 to the firm Fratelli Serassi of Bergamo, the most distinguished Italian organ builders of the time, but the project was not accomplished. Instead, the organ had to be placed above the main entrance, in a balustraded floating gallery being held up by stucco angels. For this release showcasing the instrument, organist Natalia Baginskaya has chosen works by Flor Peeters, Cesar Franck, Gleb Nikulin, Louis Verne, and Marco Enrico Bossi.

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