7 Inni Di Lutero A Roma

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Catalog: CONTINUO121


Although 500 years have passed by since the beginning of the Reformation, and although more has been written about Martin Luther (1483-1546) than about any other personage from the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, the role of the reformer of Wittenberg continues to be hotly debated. Both positive and negative interpretations of his life and work abound. Whereas the Roman Catholics tend to associate Luther with the definitive division of the Western Church, the Lutherans see him as an intrepid hero who was the founding father of their Church and their faith. Both opinions, however, involve some simplifications and distortions. They may be very widespread, but they do not do justice to Luther and they prevent a deeper form of solidarity and communion between the different Churches. Oboist Marika Lombardi and organist Livia Mazzanti present on this release “7 Inni di Lutero a Roma,” in an effort to explore more deeply the music of Martin Luther.

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