Variations Over Variations

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Catalog: ACD5096

Helseth, Tine Thing; Harth-Bedoya, Miguel; Norwegian Radio Orchestra

Variations over variations presents four Norwegian composers and their works, performed and commissioned by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, under Chief Conductor, and Grammy-nominated and Emmy Award-winner, Miguel Harth-Bedoya. It is Miguel himself who has initiated this release, wanting to spread Norwegian music of such high caliber to an international audience, presenting an interesting snapshot of contemporary Norwegian orchestral music. The Norwegian Radio Orchestra is a flexible orchestra on a high international level, who performs everything from the symphonic repertoire and contemporary music to pop, rock, jazz, and folk music. The orchestra gives these works the high quality and commitment demanded. Miguel Harth-Bedoya is undeniably among the leading conductors today, and the cooperation is equally fantastic for The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, as it is for Norwegian musical life in general. The four works on this album enter into a dialogue with existing music and a music history that binds them together, in very different ways. Some places, musical quotes open up a door to the Norwegian, other places it re-contextualises the idea of a national music.

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