Spano: Hölderlin-lieder - Piano Sonata, "four Ele

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Label: ASO Media
Catalog: ASO1009

Rivera, Jessica; Spano, Robert

The sonata "Four Elements" takes the four classical elements, often attributed to Empedocles, as inspiration for the four movements of a sonata. These classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire have a rich history of associative meaning. Thinkers as ancient as Thales and Heraclitus, and as recent as Carl Jung, have been fascinated by the multi-layered symbolism inherent in these seed ideas. They are also key concepts in the western esoteric traditions, appearing in astrology, tarot dards, the qabalistic tree of life, and any variety of magical arts. I was inspired to capture something of the unique and complex qualities of each element, yet also to connect them, as they are dynamically related to each other.

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