The Road To Esfahan: The Art Of The Santoor From I

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Format: CD

Farjami, Hossein

The santoor is one of the oldest instruments in the world, originating in the Middle East. It is among the simplest stringed instruments, belonging to the category of zithers. The strings are struck with two hammers, called mesrabs. The name santoor first appeared in an eleventh century poem by the Iranian Manucheri. The instrument itself was not depicted until the thirteenth century where we find it in a drawing. The wall paintings of Chehel Sotun, the “catalogue” of Safauad musical instruments, also depict the santoor. It is also found in later paintings and photographs from the Qasar period. During the twentieth century the santoor gained much popularity and is now one of the major instruments in Iran. Hossein Farjami has long counted among the most respected and best-loved Iranian musicians. He combines natural talent with rigorous discipline, and musicianship with professional ethics. Born in Teheran, Iran, he started his musical studies at the age of 13, and his life has been devoted to music ever since. For the past five decades he has been based in London, where he has achieved a high reputation, not only among the large Iranian community living in the West, but throughout the Middle East as well.

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