Best Of Rafa El Tachuela: Flamenco

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Label: ARC
Catalog: EUCD2707
Format: CD

Perez, Justo; Rectoret, Juan; Azules, Ana; Koch, Thomas; Werra, Bjorn Chico; Moraima, La; Ahmad, Khader; Patricio, Domingo; Ramzy, Hossam; Tachuela, Rafa El; Canada, Enric; Naiem, Mohammed; Thompson, Danny; Cárcamo, Pablo; Gioia, Topo; Kamal, Said

This highly diverse Flamenco album features the best and most beautiful pieces compiled from six previous albums. Featuring international musicians from Barcelona, Cairo, London and Berlin, the wide variety of compositions and instrumentations brings pleasantly surprising and exciting phrases. Each of these works has been composed or arranged by Rafa El Tachuela. Born in Berlin, Rafa El Tachuela began teaching himself flamenco guitar at the age of thirteen. Two years later he made his first public appearances. His passion for flamenco led him to find the group Yamada, and for eight years he wrote all of their compositions. He has intensely studied authentic traditional flamenco as well as modern flamenco styles. Today, the main focus of his compositional and guitar work is the musical connection of the flamenco with elements of jazz and the ideas of the next generation of flamenco guitarists.

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