Les Voyages De M. Froberger

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Label: Fra Bernardo
Catalog: FB1609113
Format: CD

Gl├╝xam, Wolfgang

400 years ago, at the age of twenty-one, Johann Jakob Froberger took up the position of court organist in Vienna and immediately embarked upon his first journey, to study under the great Frescobaldi in Rome. Countless journeys in all directions and to numerous cities follow. Dangers on land and sea provided ongoing material for the composer of programme music, as does the House of Hapsburg, the burial of his colleague the lutenist Blancrocher, or even the confrontation with his own mortality. His bequest is both a treasure trove for all keyboard players and at the same time a mystery: how should this music, to be played freely in Stylus Phantasticus actually sound? Wolfgang Gluxam has won numerous awards for his keyboard playing at international competitions in Bruges and Nijmegen. He teaches harpsichord at Vienna Music University.

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