Veracini: Violin Sonatas, Opp. 1-3

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Casanova, Teresa; Sampedro, Angel; Arte Mvsico, El

Antonio Veracini (1659-1745), skilled violinist, was one of the most prominent composers of his generation, alongside Arcangelo Corelli and Giuseppe Torelli. He was a notably distinguished figure in the musical culture of Florence at the end of the XVII century, playing in the opulent festivities of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany Court. He was educated by his father, Francesco di Niccolo Veracini, a noted violist. This new recording presents the three published collection of Sonatas: the Opus 1 and 3, which contain Sonatas in the Sonata da Chiesa style, multi-movement sonatas with alternating slow and fast movements, written for 1 or 2 violins, cello and basso continuo, and the Opus 2, sonatas for violin solo: music of great richness and complexity, and in the slow movements of exquisite and refined beauty. These are excellent performances by the Spanish early music group El Arte Musico, who specialize in historically informed performance of 17th and 18th century music for string instruments.

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