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Label: ARC
Catalog: EUCD2682
Format: CD

Ramzy, Hossam

Hossam Ramzy, Egypt’s Ambassador of Rhythm, was born in Cairo. His musical career began early, when at the age of three he was given his first drum- an Egyptian table. His passion for percussion was noted by his family who encouraged him to master his craft by studying with the leading music teachers of Egypt. A move to Saudi Arabia introduced Hossam to many of the Bedouin tribes who gave the young Hossam a rich insight into the cultural origins of Middle Eastern music that became the inspiration for many of his later rhythmic directions. Faddah (“Silver”) is an album of classical style Egyptian Dance compositions, created by Hossam Ramzy. Creating music for a dance routine is rather complex and requires vision and innovation. You have to be able to see the dancer in your mind while writing such music for her, counting her every step, caring about her every move and working it out rhythmically, melodically and making sure it flows from mode to mode, from beat to beat with logically worked-out transitions.

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