Helper And Protector - The Sixteen

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Label: CORO
Catalog: COR16141

Ensemble - The Sixteen Conductor - Eamonn Dougan

1) Pacelli, Asprilio : Gaudent in caelis, motet 2) Bertolusi, Vincenzo : Timor Domini, motet 3) Pacelli, Asprilio : Beati estis, motet 4) Marenzio, Luca : Iniquos odio habui, motet for 8 voices 5) Marenzio, Luca : Missa "Iniquos Odio Habui," for 8 voices 6) Bertolusi, Vincenzo : Sancta Maria, succurre miseris, motet 7) Bertolusi, Vincenzo : Peccantem me quotidie, motet 8) Pacelli, Asprilio : Media nocte, motet for 12 voices 9) Marenzio, Luca : Jubilate Deo, cantata for 8 voices 10) Bertolusi, Vincenzo : Ave verum corpus, motet 11) Pacelli, Asprilio : Christus resurgens, motet

Conducted by The Sixteen’s Associate Conductor, Eamonn Dougan, this release is the fourth volume in this critically acclaimed series. This installment explores the music of Italian composers who lived and worked within the Polish court during Sigismund III Vasa’s reign. When Sigismund III began to reorganize his music ensembles in 1594, he modeled his new structure after the chapels of Rome, and thus brought in several highly esteemed Italian musicians. Some of these notable musicians included Luca Marenzio, Asprillo Pacelli, and Vincenzo Bertolusi. The arrival of these composers heralded a new age of sacred Polish music. Most notable on this release is Marenzio’s magnificent Missa super Iniquos odio habui. While the Kyria and Gloria movements remained, the other parts of the Mass went missing after World War II, and have only been rediscovered since the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is the world premiere recording of the Mass in its entirety.

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