Ma Vie Dans La Tienne / Lara Fabian

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Catalog: 2991302
Format: CD & DVD

Over the summer, Lara Fabian – Eurovision 1988’s second biggest star (hi Celine) – charmed us silly with the joyous “Quand Je Ne Chante Pas”, the first cut off her new album “Ma Vie Dans La Tienne” (My Life In Yours). Now, in anticipation of the record’s 6 November release, Lara has just dropped the official video for the title track. And it’s giving us all sorts of feels. The song recalls a bygone relationship, whether it was romantic or platonic is open to interpretation. We don’t know how it all ended, but regardless, Lara sings without regret or sadness. Of course, she’s not full of cheer either. The tone is downbeat, yet it’s more of a celebration of the special bond she once shared. She still loves the person, and feels protective over him or her. The soul mates are destined to meet again. It’s all rather emotional, particularly as we approach November, a month when people traditionally remember those they have lost. And once again, the Belgian singer’s exquisite vocals manage to retain the original meaning, nimbly sidestepping the language barrier. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – this is how French chansons should be sung.

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