Mexico Voyage / Dobrochna Zubek

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Label: GRI
Catalog: ZUBEK
Format: CD

Dobrochna Zubek is an artist with many creations and accomplishments inspired by her life experience in various parts of the world including Poland, France, Mexico, USA, and Canada. These musical travels have inspired Dobrochna in choosing the title, "Mexico-Voyage" and the repertoire for this recording. The first selections on the CD represent the Slavic atmosphere in Poland, captured brilliantly by Lutosławski in Grave-Metamorphoses (1981) and in Wiłkomirski’s Aria (1943) for cello and piano. Followed by the Mexican spirit, the powerful and distinctive voice of the solo cello transports us in Pagina Elegiaca (2012) and Homerica (1996) by Manuel de Elias and Sonatina by Manuel Enriquez (the two works of Elias, Pagina Elegiaca and Homerica, were premiered by Dobrochna and are here recorded for the first time). In contrast, Piotr Moss’s Pleinte (1998) was inspired by a requiem spirit. The cello functions as a narrator where the voice leading underlines the deep timbres of the instrument to highlight its rich and colourful sound palette. Zubek’s Spring Impression (2010) offers perhaps the most exuberant music on the CD. Zubek is a jazz specialist encouraging the cello to enter the swing jazz feeling of time as well as the charming elegance of the tango. Pianist, Piotr Banasik is a longtime colleague of Dobrochna. Dobrochna Zubek and Piotr Banasik are each children of pianists, the renowned piano duo Banasik-Zubek. Andrzej Zubek, Dobrochna’s father, was the co-founder of the duo. As her mentor, friend, artistic advisor, and producer; Dobrochna has shared with me her voyage of discovery of this music. For this experience, I am enriched and privileged. In listening to this CD, you too will surely be inspired and moved by Dobrochna’s passion and unyielding commitment to artistic discovery and excellence at the highest level. Shauna Rolston

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