Patti Page: The Complete Us Hits 1948-62

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Catalog: ACTRCD9050
Format: CD

DISC 1: 01 CONFESS (Mercury 5129)(a-side)(US 12/1948)(December 1947)*her first charted hit. 02 SAY SOMETHING SWEET TO YOUR SWEETHEART (with Vic Damone)(Mercury 5192)(US 23/1948)(October 1948) 03 SO IN LOVE (Mercury 5230)(a-side)(US 13/1949)(February 1949) 04 MONEY, MARBLES AND CHALK (Mercury 5251)(a-side)(US 27/1949; BB C&W 15/1959)(April 1949) 05 I’LL KEEP THE LOVE LIGHT BURNING (IN MY HEART)(Mercury 5310)(a-side)(US 26/1949)(September 1949) 06 WITH MY EYES WIDE OPEN I’M DREAMING (Mercury 5344)(a-side)(US 11/1950)(January 1950) 07 I DON’T CARE IF THE SUN DON’T SHINE (Mercury 5396)(a-side)(US 8/1950)(May 1950) 08 ALL MY LOVE (BOLERO)(Mercury 5455)(a-side)(US 1(5)/1950)(June 1950) 09 BACKIN YOUR OWN BACKYARD (Mercury 5463)(a-side)(US 23/1950)(October 1950) 10 THE TENNESSEE WALTZ (Mercury 5534)(a-side)(US 1(13)/1950; BB C&W 2(3)/1950)(November 1950)*her biggest hit. 11 WOULD I LOVE YOU (LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU)(Mercury 5571)(a-side)(US 4/1951)(January 1951) 12 DOWN THE TRAIL OF ACHING HEART (Mercury 5579)(a-side)(US 17/1951)(April 1951) 13 EVER TRUE EVERMORE (Mercury 5579)(b-side, April 1951)(US 24/1951)*double sided hit. 14 MOCKIN’ BIRD HILL (Mercury 5595)(a-side)(US 2/1951)(February 1951) 15 MISTER AND MISSISSIPPI (Mercury 5645)(a-side)(US 8/1951)(May 1951) 16 THESE THINGS I OFFER YOU (Mercury 5645)(b-side, June 1951)(US 26/1951)*double sided hit. 17 DETOUR (Mercury 5682)(a-side)(US 5/1951)(August 1951) 18 AND SO TO SLEEP AGAIN (Mercury 5706)(a-side)(US 4/1951)(September 1951) 19 RETREAT (CRIES MY HEART)(Mercury 5772)(a-side)(US 22/1952)(January 1952) 20 COME WHAT MAY (Mercury 5772)(b-side, January 1952)(US 9/1952)*double sided hit. 21 WHISPERING WINDS (Mercury 5816)(a-side)(US 16/1952)(March 1952) 22 ONCE IN A WHILE (Mercury 5867)(a-side)(US 9/1952)(June 1952) 23 I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING (Mercury 5899)(a-side)(US 1(10)/1952; CB Pop 1(6)/1952)(August 1952) 24 YOU BELONG TO ME (Mercury 5899)(b-side, August 1952)(US 4/1952)*double sided hit. 25 WHY DON’T YOU BELIEVE ME (Mercury 70025)(a-side)(US 4/1952)(November 1952) 26 CONQUEST (Mercury 70025)(b-side, December 1952; CB Pop 21/1952)(US 18/1952)*double sided hit. DISC 2: 01 THE DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW (Mercury 70070)(a-side)(US 1(8)/1953; CB Pop 1(7)/1953; UK 9/1953)(January 1953) 02 MY JEALOUS EYES (Mercury 70070)(b-side, January 1953)(US 17/1953; CB Pop 33/1953)*double sided hit 03 NOW THAT I’M IN LOVE (Mercury 70127)(a-side)(US 18/1953; CB Pop 23/1953)(May 1953) 04 OO WHAT YOU DO TO ME (Mercury 70127)(b-side, May 1953)(US 16/1953; CB Pop 25/1953)*double sided hit. 05 BUTTERFLIES (Mercury 70183)(a-side)(US 10/1953; CB Pop 11/1953)(July 1953) 06 THIS IS MY SONG (Mercury 70183)(b-side, August 1953)(US 20/1953)*double sided hit; Patti's theme song. 07 FATHER, FATHER (Mercury 70222)(a-side)(US 21/1953; CB Pop 26/1953)(October 1953) 08 MILWAUKEE POLKA (Mercury 70230)(a-side)(US 23/1953; CB Pop 27/1953)(October 1953) 09 CHANGING PARTNERS (Mercury 70260)(a-side)(US 3/1953; CB Pop 4/1953)(November 1953) 10 CROSS OVER THE BRIDGE (Mercury 70302)(a-side)(US 2(4)/1954; CB Pop 5/1954)(February 1954) 11 MY RESTLESS LOVER (Mercury 70302)(b-side, February 1954)(US 21/1954; CB Pop 28/1954)*double sided hit; originally titled "Johnny Guitar"; due to legal issues, the title was changed. 12 STEAM HEAT (Mercury 70380)(a-side)(US 8/1954; CB Pop 14/1954)(May 1954) 13 LONELY DAYS (Mercury 70380)(b-side, May 1954)(CB Pop 38/1954)*double sided hit. 14 WHAT A DREAM (Mercury 70416)(b-side, August 1954)(US 10/1954; CB Pop 22/1954; RW Pop 14/1954)*double sided hit. 15 I CRIED (Mercury 70416)(a-side)(US 13/1954; CB Pop 14/1954; RW Pop 21/1954)(August 1954) 16 THE MAMA DOLL SONG (Mercury 70458)(a-side)(US 24/1954; CB Pop 14/1954; RW Pop 31/1954)(October 1954) 17 I CAN’T TELL A WALTZ FROM A TANGO (Mercury 70458)(b-side, October 1954)(US 30/1954; CB Pop 24/1954; RW Pop 25/1954)*double sided hit. 18 LET ME GO, LOVER (Mercury 70511)(a-side)(US 8/1954)(December 1954)*b-side “Hocus Pocus” (Mercury 70511)(RW 81/1954)*double sided charted hit not included. 19 EVERLOVIN’ (Mercury 70526)(a-side)(CB Pop 17/1955; RW Pop 24/1955)(February 1955) 20 KEEP ME IN MIND (Mercury 70579)(a-side)(CB Pop 26/1955; RW Pop 46/1955)(April 1955) 21 NEAR TO YOU (Mercury 70607)(b-side, May 1955)(CB Pop 46/1955; RW Pop 56/1955)*double sided hit; from Broadway musical "Damn Yankees" 22 I LOVE TO DANCE WITH YOU (Mercury 70607)(a-side)(CB Pop 43/1955; RW Pop 38/1955)(May 1955) 23 PIDDILY PATTER PATTER (Mercury 70657)(a-side)(CB Pop 25/1955; RW Pop 23/1955)(July 1955) 24 EVERY DAY (Mercury 70657)(b-side, July 1955)(CB Pop 43/1955; RW Pop 50/1955)*double sided hit. 25 CROCE DI ORO (CROSS OF GOLD)(Mercury 70713)(a-side)(BB Pop 10/1955; CB Pop 15/1955; RW Pop 16/1955)(October 1955) 26 GO ON WITH THE WEDDING (Mercury 70766)(a-side)(BB Pop 11/1956; CB Pop 16/1956; RW Pop 13/1956)(January 1956) 27 MY FIRST FORMAL GOWN (Mercury 70820)(b-side, March 1956)(BB Pop 60/1956; RW Pop 48/1956)*double sided hit. 28 TOO YOUNG TO GO STEADY (Mercury 70820)(a-side)(BB Pop 73/1956)(April 1956) DISC 3: 01 ALLEGHENY MOON (Mercury 70878)(a-side)(BB Pop 2/1956; CB Pop 6/1956; RW Pop 2(2)/1956)(June 1956) 02 THE STRANGEST ROMANCE (Mercury 70878)(b-side, June 1956)(BB Pop 93/1956)*double sided hit. 03 MAMA FROM THE TRAIN (Mercury 70971)(a-side)(BB Pop 11/1956; CB Pop 14/1956; RW Pop 16/1956)(October 1956) 04 EVERY TIME (I FEEL HIS SPIRIT)(Mercury 70971)(b-side, October 1956)(BB Pop 87/1956)*double sided hit. 05 REPEAT AFTER ME (Mercury 71015)(a-side)(BB Pop 53/1957; RW Pop 45/1957)(February 1957) 06 POOR MAN’S ROSES (OR A RICH MAN’S GOLD)(Mercury 71059)(a-side)(BB Pop 14/1957; CB Pop 25/1957; RW Pop 55/1957)(March 1957) 07 THE WALL (Mercury 71059)(b-side, March 1957)(BB Pop 43/1957; CB Pop 42/1957; RW Pop 45/1957)*double sided hit. 08 OLD CAPE COD (Mercury 71101)(a-side)(BB Pop 3/1957; CB Pop 8/1957; RW Pop 7/1957)(May 1957) 09 WONDERING (Mercury 71101)(b-side, May 1957)(BB Pop 12/1957; RW Pop 50/1957)*double sided hit. 10 I’LL REMEMBER TODAY (Mercury 71189)(a-side)(BB Pop 23/1957; CB Pop 18/1957; RW Pop 15/1957)(October 1957)*b-side “My How The Time Goes By” (Mercury 71189)(b-side, October 1957)(RW Pop 81/1957), a charted b-side not included. 11 BELONGING TO SOMEONE (Mercury 71247)(a-side)(BB Pop 13/1958; CB Pop 28/1958; RW Pop 41/1958)(January 1958)*b-side “Bring Us Together” (Mercury 71247)(b-side, January 1958)(RW Pop 85/1958) a charted b-side not included. 12 ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE (Mercury 71294)(a-side)(BB Pop 20/1958; CB Pop 38/1958)(April 1958)*title song from movie starring Lana Turner; b-side “These Worldly Wonders” (Mercury 71294)(b-side, April 1958)(RW Pop 36/1958); a charted b-side not included. 13 LEFT RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HEART (HI LILI HI LO HI LUP UP UP)(Mercury 71331)(a-side)(BB Pop 9/1958; CB Pop 9/1958; RW Pop 5/1958)(June 1958) 14 FIBBIN’ (Mercury 71355)(a-side)(BB Pop 39/1958; CB Pop 28/1958; RW Pop 26/1958)(September 1958) 15 TRUST IN ME (Mercury 71400)(a-side)(BB Pop 43/1959; CB 36/1959; RW Pop 32/1959)(January 1959) 16 UNDER THE SUN VALLEY MOON (Mercury 71400)(b-side, January 1959)(CB Pop 95/1959; RW Pop 70/1959)*double sided hit. 17 THE WALLS HAVE EARS (Mercury 71428)(a-side)(BB Pop 77/1959; CB Pop 77/1959; RW Pop 52/1959)(April 1959) 18 WITH MY EYES WIDE OPEN I’M DREAMING (Mercury 71469)(a-side)(BB Pop 59/1959; CB Pop 57/1959; RW Pop 48/1959)(June 1959)*first charted in 1950; featured in film musical "Shoot the Works"; b-side “My Mother’s Eyes” (Mercury 71469)(b-side, June 1959)(RW Pop 101/1959); a charted b-side not included. 19 GOODBYE CHARLIE (Mercury 71510)(a-side)(BB Pop 90/1959; CB Pop 70/1959; RW Pop 89/1959)(October 1959) 20 THE SOUND OF MUSIC (Mercury 71555)(a-side)(BB Pop 90/1960; CB Pop 74/1960; RW Pop 81/1960)(January 1960)*b-side “Little Donkey” (Mercury 71555)(b-side, January 1960)(CB Pop 105/1959; RW Pop 103/1959); a charted b-side not included. 21 TWO THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE MILES (Mercury 71597)(a-side)(BB Pop 67/1960; CB Pop 103/1960; RW Pop 85/1960)(February 1960) 22 ONE OF US (WILL WEEP TONIGHT)(Mercury 71639)(a-side)(BB Pop 31/1960; CB Pop 32/1960; RW Pop 22/1960)(June 1960) 23 I WISH I’D NEVER BEEN BORN (Mercury 71695)(a-side)(BB Pop 52/1960; CB Pop 62/1960; RW Pop 58/1960)(October 1960) 24 DON’T READ THE LETTER (Mercury 71745)(a-side)(BB Pop 65/1961; CB Pop 70/1961; RW Pop 81/1961)(January 1961) 25 A CITY GIRL STOLE MY COUNTRY BOY (Mercury 71792)(a-side)(BB Pop 90/1961; CB Pop 102/1961)(March 1961) 26 MOM AND DAD’S WALTZ (Mercury 71823)(b-side, July 1961)(BB Pop 58/1961; BB C&W 21/1961)*double sided hit. 27 YOU’LL ANSWER TO ME (Mercury 71823)(a-side)(BB Pop 46/1961; CB Pop 70/1961; RW Pop 51/1961)(July 1961) 28 A BROKEN HEART (AND A PILLOW FILLED WITH TEARS)(Mercury 71870)(a-side)(BB Pop 91/1961; CB Pop 102/1961; RW Pop 80/1961)(October 1961) 29 GO ON HOME (Mercury 71906)(a-side)(BB Pop 42/1961; BB C&W 13/1961; CB Pop 35/1961; RW Pop 19/1961)(December 1961) 30 MOST PEOPLE GET MARRIED (Mercury 71950)(a-side)(BB Pop 27/1962; CB Pop 22/1962; RW Pop 20/1962)(April 1962) 31 THE BOYS’ NIGHT OUT (Mercury 72013)(a-side)(BB Pop 49/1962; CB Pop 60/1962; RW Pop 46/1962)(August 1962)*title song from movie starring James Garner; b-side “Three Fools” (Mercury 72013)(b-side, August 1962)(CB Pop 110/1962; RW Pop 57/1962); another charted b-side not included.