Schnittke: Film Music Edition [box Set]

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Catalog: C7196
Format: CD

Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra; Frank Strobel

Alfred Schnittke as a composer of film music - that is a fact well known to anyone who has ever been concerned with Alfred Schnittke. However, only very few people are familiar with his actual work in the film music genre, something all the more surprising since on the one hand he wrote more than 60 film scores between 1961-84, and on the other hand, his poly-stylistic techniques found a nearly perfect equivalent in film. Since Alfred Schnittke suffered from the artistic regimentations like many contemporary composers in the USSR, and his works could often only be performed under difficult circumstances, his work for the film to a large extent contributed to his livelihood. Credited with opening new insights into the world of film music, Frank Strobel, here leading the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, is strongly committed to the works of Mr. Schnittke (1934-98), being the authorized editor of the composer’s work, some of which he helped Schnittke notate during his final years.

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