Bill Evans: Complete Village Vanguard Recordings

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Catalog: 3RCD4443
Format: CD

Bill Evans: piano / Scott LaFaro: bass / Paul Motian: drums

Spoken Introduction; Gloria's Step; Alice In Wonderland; My Foolish Heart; All Of You; Announcement And Intermission; My Romance; Some Other Time; Solar; Gloria's Step; My Man's Gone Now; All Of You; Detour Ahead; Discussing Repertiore; Waltz For Debby; Alice In Wonderland; Porgy (I Loves You, Porgy); My Romance; Milestones; Detour Ahead; Gloria's Step; Waltz For Debby; All Of You; Jade Visions; Jade Visions; ... A Few Final Bars

The pinnacle of the Bill Evans Trio, packaged as a three CD set with a bit of extra material!!!
This is it. The breakthrough. The pinnacle of spontaneous musical communication. Three men breathing as one on a tiny bandstand.
Everything Bill Evans, Scott LaFaro, and Paul Motian had been working on for the previous 18 months led to this moment. The intimate, contrapuntal dialogues between Evans's poetic piano and Lafaro's bass, as swift as the wind. Motian's sustained riveted ride cymbal providing a carpet of stars. The ballads, as deep and heartbreaking as any wee-small-hours Sinatra. The startingly beautiful bass solos, so sensitively recorded. The mobile rhythms and quietly interweaving phrases.
There is a fresh discovery here: take 1 of LaFaro's "Gloria's Step," an ever-so-slightly flawed beauty. There is the clear-eyed annotation of Orrin Keepnews, producer of all of Evans's Riverside albums. And finally, there is the crowning glory of these performances, the last ever by this singular trio.

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