Complete Capitol Recordings Nat King Cole Trio

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Catalog: MOSAIC138
Format: CD

A rarity beyond compare. Don't miss this! Sells for much more elsewhere.
There's over 260 tracks on the 18 CDs that make up this box set! (over 18 hours of material!) If you can find it, buy it! It's every track that the Nat King Cole Trio recorded for Capitol, including outtakes, transcription-only tunes and alternate versions (Ever hear the original take of "The Christmas Song" with no strings? It's on here!). A full 1/3 of this set has never been commercially released before! The 12x12 booklet of liner notes is an education in itself. This box set won a Grammy for Best Historical Compilation, and deservedly so! It was also limited to an edition not to exceed 10,000 copies, so like I said, if you see it somewhere, you better grab it!! Definitely on the pricey side, but it's a must-have if you're a true lover of Nat King Cole... one of the most beautiful voices of his, or any, generation.