Johnny Clegg - Live And Unplugged-at The Baxter Th

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Label: Appleseed
Catalog: APR1138
Format: CD

Clegg, Johnny

Recorded at a unique acoustic concert in late 2013, South Africa's world music crossover star and political activist Johnny Clegg's Best, Live & Unplugged at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town presents new arrangements of some of the most popular, powerful and universal songs from all phases of his musical career with the ground-breaking bands Juluka and Savuka and his own solo recordings. Accompanied by a quartet here, Johnny performs such signature songs as Scatterlings of Africa, Cruel Crazy Beautiful World, and Asimbonanga,written about Nelson Mandela, the South African political leader jailed for years by the country's restrictive government. Clegg's music, sung in a mixture of English and Zulu, is a buoyant mixture of modern Western instrumentation and production, yearning vocals, and a strong undercurrent of African rhythms and backing voices. Johnny's lyrics of love, frustration, hope and confusion can be applied to South Africa's slow path toward enlightenment and to personal and community relationships as well.

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