Monk's Music (lp)

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Catalog: OJC084
Format: LP

Thelonious Septet Monk

"Monk's Music" is be-bop at it's best. Thelonious' inovative style of composition and mastery of the keys as both a member of the rhythm section and a soloist are exemplified on this 1957 Riverside recording. He is joined by, among others, John Coltrane, Art Blakely and the infamous Coleman Hawkins. Coltrane's unique phrasing pairs well with Monk's disodent harmonies. Hawkins, in contrast to Coltrane, gives the combo a smooth sound during his colorfull improvisations. Blakey, an excelent percussionist, fits in well with the choppy feel of Monk's progressions. His energetic style is the backbone of one of the best assembled rhythme sections of the era. Overall this is a great c.d. superbly performed by all involved. But perhaps if the bonus tracks were delayed until the end of the album the listener could enjoy "Monk's Music" as Thelonious intended. Overall this is an excellent recording and one of Monk's best albums.

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