Music For Video Games

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Label: ENJA
Catalog: ENJ-9613
Format: CD

BOoOm Gerwin Eisenhauer; Stephens; Lang; Zrenner-Wolkenstein

Composed by: Masuda; Kai; Nekrassow Doom 64; Hodges; Kondo; Prince; Totaka; Ishikawa; Hamano; Eisenhauer

It has a long tradition that jazz musicians find inspiration in the pop culture. In bebop days jazz artistsexperimented with the songs of musicals, Miles Davis in the 70ties and 80ties checked the rock and popcorner (Cindy Lauper, Michael Jackson).For many kids, and young adults the melodies of Video Games have become a new kind of standards.For more than a quarter century mankind plays videogames. First in ice cream parlors on a gigantic screen,later on at home on consoles like Arcade, Nintendo or play stations, and still later on the Gameboy or theSmartphone.In his new project drummer / percussionist Gerwin Eisenhauer has three of his favourite musicians onboard: Pianist Walter Lang (with whom leads Trio ELF for over ten years time), upright and electric bassplayer Uli Zrenner – Wolkenstein, Scottish guitarist Graeme Stephen (voted Best Guitarist in the UK2012).