La Licorne Captive. Daniel Lavoie

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Label: Chant du Monde
Catalog: 2742285

Daniel Lavoie

1 Sirène 2 Ophélie 3 Bal Des Pendus 4 Le Noir Et Le Blanc 5 Chasse-Galerie 6 Icare 7 La Licorne Captive 8 Le Sang 9 Souffle

Conceived especially for Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Lavoie by Laurent Guardo, a true musician of today, La Licorne captive (The Captive Unicorn) was ten years in the making. Guardo binds the album together with an alchemist's touch and an ear for sounds that are quite simply out of this world, bringing us to an imaginary crossroads where acoustic guitars meet lutes, udus, tablas and violas da gamba. Beckoning us to follow, we too are soon made captive, entranced by the unicorn – forever spellbound.

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