Yeahwon Shin: Lua Ya

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Label: ECM
Catalog: B001904502
Format: CD

Yeahwon Shin

1. Lullaby 2. Moving Clouds 3. Island Child 4. Mysteries 5. The Moonwatcher and the Child 6. The Orchard Road 7. Remembrance 8. Beads of Rain 9. A Morning Song 10. Travel Blue 11. Beads of Rain, var. 12. The Orchard Road, var. 13. Sunrise

South Korean singer Yeahwon Shins ECM debut, Lua ya is a gentle album of songs and lullabies, recorded in 2012 in the spacious acoustics of Mechanics Hall, near Boston. Its a very intuitive set, shaped by improvising, listening to our childhood memories and letting the music flow, as Yeahwon says. Shin and pianist Aaron Parks played together just once before the present recording, finding an instant improvisational connection which is further explored here. Accordionist Rob Curto shares with Yeahwon an affinity for Brazilian music and has collaborated with her previously (in contexts including her Latin Grammy-nominated album Yeahwon on ArtistShare). But this new disc is a project beyond the idiomatic borderlines: Korean childrens songs are amongst the inspirational sources, and jazz has influenced the phrasing and imagination of all three participants, yet Lua ya seems to emerge from a place of pure music and a common reservoir of feeling. Yeahwon Shin dedicates the set to mothers and children everywhere.

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