Herbie Hancock: The Complete Columbia Album Collec

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ALBUMS 1. Sextant (1973) 2. Head Hunters (1973) 3. Dedication (1974)* 4. Thrust (1974) 5. Death Wish /OST (1974) 6. Flood (1975)* 7. Man-Child (1975) 8. Secrets (1976) 9. V.S.O.P. (1976 - 2CDs ) 10. Herbie Hancock Trio (1977)* 11. V.S.O.P.: The Quintet (1977) 12. V.S.O.P.: Tempest In The Colosseum (1977)* 13. An Evening With Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea (1978 - 2 CDs) 14. Sunlight (1978) 15. Feets Don't Fail Me Now (1978) 16. Direct Step (1978)* 17. The Piano (1978) 18. V.S.O.P.: Live Under The Sky (1979 - 2 CDs) 19. V.S.O.P.: Five Stars (1979)* 20. Butterfly w/ Kimiko Kasai (1979)* 21. Monster (1980) 22. Mr. Hands (1980) 23. Magic Windows (1981) 24. Herbie Hancock Trio w/ Ron Carter + Tony Williams (1981)* 25. Herbie Hancock Quartet (1981) 26. Lite Me Up (1982) 27. Future Shock (1983) 28. Sound-System (1984) 29. Village Life (1984) 30. Round Midnight / OST (1985) 31. Perfect Machine (1988) * First time on CD outside of Japan.

Gathered here for the first time are all of the recordings Herbie Hancock (b. 1940) made for Columbia Records U.S. and CBS/Sony Records Japan between 1972 and 1988--a stunningly creative, 17-year period, yielding 31 albums. Eight of the titles in this set have never been released outside of Japan. This collection of 34 newly-remastered CDs showcases Herbie's virtuosity in a dazzling display of musical styles. It is a testament to his fearlessness, innovation, and ever-evolving curiosity, as well as his significant commercial success--the platinum certifications of Head Hunters and Future Shock. Herbie's influence on countless musicians and musical styles has been and continues to be enormous. The elegant, highly-stylized 200-page book contains an insightful overview essay, complete discographical data, mini-histories of each album, an electronic instrument glossary, and dozens of striking images. The 17 remarkable years captured here find him at his very peak. Includes 3 albums made for Columbia U.S. which have never been on CD - Sunlight, Magic Windows, and Lite Me Up. Contains the only 2 piano trio recordings ever made by Herbie as a leader (both featuring Ron Carter & Tony Williams) + his only solo piano/solo keyboards sessions ever (The Piano and Dedication). Other highlights include Herbie's Mwandishi band (Sextant); the platinum-selling Headhunters period (Head Hunters/Thrust/Flood); his enormously popular, MTV-pioneering Rockit band (Future Shock/Sound-System/Perfect Machine); and historical acoustic jazz recordings featuring Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter and Tony Williams among others (the VSOP bands; his duet with Chick Corea; trio recordings with Ron Carter & Tony Williams; and his brilliant solo piano/solo keyboards recordings).

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