Music In Europe At The Time Of The Renaissance

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Label: Ricercar
Catalog: RIC106
Format: CD

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The new installment of this amazing box-set series!

Jérôme Lejeune continues his History of Music series with this boxed set devoted to the Renaissance. The next volume in the series after Flemish Polyphony (RIC 102), this set explores the music of the 16th century from Josquin Desprez to Roland de Lassus. After all of the various turnings that music took during the Middle Ages, the music of the Renaissance seems to be a first step towards a common European musical style. Josquin Desprez's example was followed by every composer in every part of Europe and in every musical genre, including the Mass setting, the motet and all of the various new types of solo song. Instrumental music was also to develop considerably from the beginning of the 16th century onwards. The musical excerpts that we have chosen include works by the most important composers of France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain and the Netherlands active during the 16th century. This boxed set is released in collaboration with the Château d'Écouen (Musée national de la Renaissance) in connection with the exhibition devoted to Renaissance music that will open there in September 2013.

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