Bach: Cantatas Vol 21 / Gardiner, Et Al

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Catalog: SDG118
Format: CD

"This month's second Cantata release on SDG contains Bach's two 'test' pieces for the job as Cantor at St Thomas' in Leipzig, BWV 22 and 23. The latter is particularly ingenious and sophisticated. The first disc is rounded out by performances of the musically complex and innovative BWV 162, and BWV 159 with its affinities with the two Passions. Disc 2 contains Cantata for three different Feast Days, and includes BWV 54 with its spellbinding first aria, and the jubilant and opulently-scored springtime Cantata BWV 1. Performances are as brilliant and inspired as those of previous issues in this award-winning series. ""The first SDG release from his Pilgrimage was recently picked as the Gramophone Record of the Year. The qualitites that singled out that volume equally stamp this latest: music-making of driving vigour and piercing beauty, alive to every one of Bach's moods, with the crackle of excitement possible only in genuine live performances."" (Geoff Brown, The Times)"

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