Bach: Cantatas Vol 19 / Gardiner, Et Al

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Catalog: SDG115
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"The first of two further releases this month in JOhn Eliot Gardiner's Gramophone Award winning series of Bach Cantatas on his own label. The texts of the Cantatas for the Second Sunday after Epiphany describe a path from mourning to consolation, perfectly illuminated by Bach's music - from the intense anxiety in the heart-stopping soprano arioso in the first movement of BWV 155 to the irresistible, dancing exuberance of the final aria. The two Cantatas for the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany include BWV 81, perhaps the most vividly operatic of Bach's works, and this second disc is completed by two extras: BWV 26 for the Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity and possibly the best-loved Motet of them all, 'Jesu meine Freude'."

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