Music From The Royal Chapel: 'the King's Musick

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The Sixteen

I will always give thanks (The 'Club' Anthem) composed jointly by John Blow, Pelham Humfrey, and William Turner ‘as a memorial of their fraternal esteem and friendship’ Blow: I will hearken Cooke, H: Put me not to rebuke, O Lord O Lord, thou hast searched me out Humfrey: O Lord my God Lord I have sinned O the sad day By the waters of Babylon Sleep downy sleep come close mine eyes A Hymne to God the Father

“The singing, both solo and corporate is of an high order. Tenors Simon Berridge and Mark Dobell convey the touching melancholy of Humfrey's devotional songs with tender inflexions and a just degree of expressive fervour. Elin Manahan Thomas is comparably sensitive in her heartfelt account of the fourth song. A Hymn to God the Father.”

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