Beatles: Live At The Bbc Vol. 2

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Label: APPLE / EMI
Catalog: B001941502
Format: CD

The Beatles

Disc: 1 1. And Here We Are Again - Rodney Burke 2. Words Of Love 3. How About It, Gorgeous? - Rodney Burke, George Harrison 4. Do You Want To Know A Secret 5. Lucille 6. Hey Paul.... - Lee Peters, Paul McCartney 7. Anna (Go To Him) 8. Hello! - Lee Peters, John Lennon 9. Please Please Me 10. Misery 11. I'm Talking About You 12. A Real Treat - Lee Peters, Ringo Starr, John Lennon 13. Boys 14. Absolutely Fab - Lee Peters, George Harrison 15. Chains 16. Ask Me Why 17. Till There Was You 18. Lend Me Your Comb 19. Lower 5E - Rodney Burke, Paul McCartney, George Harrison 20. The Hippy Hippy Shake 21. Roll Over Beethoven 22. There's A Place 23. Bumper Bundle - The Beatles, Lee Peters 24. P.S. I Love You 25. Please Mister Postman 26. Beautiful Dreamer 27. Devil In Her Heart 28. The 49 Weeks - Paul McCartney 29. Sure To Fall (In Love With You) 30. Never Mind, Eh? - The Beatles, Rodney Burke 31. Twist And Shout 32. Bye, Bye - The Beatles, Rodney Burke 33. John - Pop Profile 34. George - Pop Profile Disc: 2 1. I Saw Her Standing There 2. Glad All Over 3. Lift Lid Again - Paul McCartney, Brian Matthew 4. I'll Get You 5. She Loves You 6. Memphis, Tennessee 7. Happy Birthday Dear Saturday Club 8. Now Hush, Hush - Brian Matthew, Paul McCartney, John Lennon 9. From Me To You 10. Money (That's What I Want) 11. I Want To Hold Your Hand 12. Brian Bathtubes - John Lennon, George Harrison, Brian Matthew 13. This Boy 14. If I Wasn't In America - Brian Matthew, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr 15. I Got A Woman 16. Long Tall Sally 17. If I Fell 18. A Hard Job Writing Them - The Beatles, Brian Matthew 19. And I Love Her 20. Oh, Can't We? Yes We Can - Alan Freeman, John Lennon 21. You Can't Do That 22. Honey Don't 23. I'll Follow The Sun 24. Green With Black Shutters - The Beatles, Brian Matthew 25. Kansas City / Hey - Hey 26. That's What We're Here For - The Beatles, Bernie Andrews 27. I Feel Fine (Studio Out - take) 28. Paul - Pop Profile 29. Ringo - Pop Profile

2013 two CD set, the second volume of previously-unreleased BBC recordings by John, Paul, George and Ringo. In the studios of the British Broadcasting Corporation, The Beatles performed music for a variety of radio shows. Live at the BBC presents the sound of The Beatles seizing their moment to play for the nation. Although the songs were recorded ahead of broadcast, allowing for retakes and occasional overdubbing, they are essentially "live in studio" performances. Most of the songs are cover versions of material from the late 1950s and early 1960s. This series presents the Fab Four at their most raw, exciting and energetic.

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