Men At Work - Live. Gianmaria Testa (bonus Dvd)

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Label: Chant du Monde
Catalog: 2742282
Format: CD/DVD

Gianmaria Testa

Men at Work - Live

Great voices, the kind which get under your skin and never let you forget them, are not those which scale great technical heights; they are those which, honed to the most accurate possible degree of human feeling, reveal the secret path they travel from the very depths of the soul which produced them out into the wide world where they are received. Such is Gianmaria Testa’s voice. In the way it is underpinned by a subtle mix of French chanson, jazz, Latino rhythms and hints of rock music, it gives off a unique, disturbing scent, combining familiar and unheard-of elements which vie for our attention. The tracks on this double album were recorded on a tour during which Testa performed at concert halls in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

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