Azam Ali & Loga R> Torkian: Lamentation Of Swans

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Catalog: 23339-1636-2
Format: CD

Two of today's most significant voices in World Music, international vocalist/ composer Azam Ali (Niyaz, Vas), and multi-instrumentalist/composer Loga Ramin Torkian (Niyaz, Axiom of Choice), come together to create their first collaboration as a duo. With fifteen plus years of recording and worldwide touring experience, these two artists prove once again why they are so deserving of the success and recognition they have garnered, by stepping out with this, their most powerful recording yet. Lamentation of Swans- A journey towards silence is an album composed, performed and recorded entirely by Azam Ali and Loga Ramin Torkian which is a first for two artists who have always collaborated with guest musicians. Azam Ali describes the album as a "soundtrack to a film that has yet to be made". With a heavy emphasis on vocals, percussion and lush string arrangements, this album it a sonic journey through landscapes only the imagination can conjure. For fans of Vas, Niyaz, and Axiom of Choice, this album will be a great surprise as it embodies and expands on the best of these two artist's signature sounds, yet once again shows why they are considered trendsetters in their genre.

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