Humprey: Verse Anthems / Mcgegan

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Label: Harmonia Mundi
Catalog: 2907053
Format: CD

Donna Deam - soprano Drew Minter - countertenor Rogers Covey-Crump - tenor John Potter - tenor David Thomas - bass The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge Romanesca Nicholas McGegan - conductor

1 O give thanks unto the Lord [dm, rcc, jp, dt] 9'51 2 O Lord my God [dm, rcc, dt] 11'45 3 Have mercy upon me, O God [dm, rcc, dt] 7'42 4 By the waters of Babylon [dm, rcc, jp, dt] 10'53 5 Lift up your heads [dm, rcc] 5'00 6 Hear, O Heav’ns [dm, jp, dt] 4'31 7 Hear my prayer, O God [dd, dm, rcc, dt] 5'42 8 Hear my crying, O God [dd, dm, rcc, jp, dt] 10'29 9 Like as the hart [dd, dm, jp, dt] 10'41

Beginning as a choirboy in the Chapel Royal, Pelham Humfrey rapidly became London's composer of church music. In his anthems, that constitute his most substantial legacy, Humfrey's flexible and expressive adaptation of the Italian recitative style to English words is memorable.