Tom Schuman: Designated Planets

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Catalog: JBM0005
Format: CD

Tom Schuman

1 Designated Planets - 4:33 2 A Piece of Me - 4:00 3 Against the Odds - 4:51 4 Sweet Surrender - 4:24 5 Then You Walked In - 5:31 6 Inevitable Changes - 4:23 7 Look In My Eyes - 3:36 8 You're the One For Me - 4:03 9 Ear Candy - 4:30 10 Last Confession - 5:21 11 Fusion Fire - 5:06 12 Because of You - 4:00

2013 solo album from the acclaimed Spyro Gyra keyboardist. Tom Schuman has done it again! Spyro Gyra's co-founding member and keyboardist has broken through the barriers that bind us to common musical forms. Tom catapults you to 11 different worlds he calls his Designated Planets. His sixth solo project features in order of performance: Jeff Kashiwa (saxes), Steve Oliver (vocals and guitars), Taylor Moore (drums), Stixx Marshall (drums), Skip Martin (vocals and trumpet), Julian Tanaka (saxes), Scott Ambush (upright bass), Bonny B (drums), Kevin Whalum (vocals), Rocco Prestia (bass guitar), Joel Rosenblatt (drums), Vinny Valentino (guitars), Sarah Brooks (vocals), Lee Pearson (drums), Serena Henry (vocals), and Austin Pooley (drums). Tom plays piano and keyboards throughout, as well as some tasty drums, percussion and bass programming. Everyone who loves music uses it to escape reality in some way. This CD has the same effect only on an interplanetary scope. Each song sends the listener to another celestial body of musical mastery from instrumental jazz to vocal funk. Enjoy the trip!

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