Jackson: A Ship With Unfurled Sails. State Choir L

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Label: Hyperion
Catalog: CDA 67976
Format: CD

State Choir Latvija, Maris Sirmais

Jackson: A ship with unfurled sails

The Latvian choral tradition is admired worldwide. Not only are the country's many choirs known for their striking vocal prowess, Latvian composers for this genre have created a significant repertoire of overwhelmingly spiritual music - perhaps a reaction to the suppression of that material by the Soviets. On this recording, the Latvian State Choir led by Maris Sirmais perform music by the British composer Gabriel Jackson, who has immersed himself in the contemporary Baltic sound-world. Jackson's sumptuous choral textures and beautiful, yet individual, harmonic language respond thrillingly to the "Latvian treatment."