Willaert: Chansons, Madrigali, Villanelle

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Catalog: RIC331
Format: CD

Romanesque: Katelijne VAN LAETHEM, soprano; Hannelore DEVAERE, harp; Sophie WATILLON, treble and bass viol; Piet STRYCKERS, bass viol, percussions; Frank LIEGEOIS, bass viol & cittern; Bart COEN, recorders; Philippe MALFEYT, lute, bass lute, chitarrone, percussions; Direction : Philippe MALFEYT

Adriaen Willaert (1490-1562)
Chansons, Madrigali, Villanelle
Pierre Attaigant: Dessus le marché d'Arras
Giovanni Antonio Terzi: Canzon «Allez mi faut» di Adriano
Antonio de Cabezon: Tiento IV sobre Qui la dira
Giovanni Bassano: A la fontana
Vincenzo Bonizi: Joyssance

RICERCAR could not miss Willaert's anniversary... This recording of Willaert's secular repertoire
gives us a very different vision of his work, compared to his religious music well illustrated by the Vespro della Beata Vergine recording (RIC 325).
Here, we can appreciate a musician singing love with sweetness, describing pleasures of the life with a little smile, even sometimes with a bit of salacity. Recorded by Romanesque in 1994, this CD can be listened to with a lot of pleasure. No competition in the market for this recording!

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