Joseph Haydn: Die Sieben Letzten Worte Unseres Erl

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Le Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall

A canon from Cádiz asked me to compose an instrumental piece about the seven last words of our Saviour on the Cross. At that time it was customary to perform an oratory in the Cathedral of Cádiz every year during Lent. After a suitable prelude, the bishop climbed into his chair, spoke one of the seven words and commented on it. Then he descended again and stood in front of it: this time span was filled with music. And so the bishop climbed the chair a second time, a third time and so on, and the orchestra played each time at the end of the sermon. In my work I had to take this circumstance into account. The task was to write seven successive Adagi, each about ten minutes long, without the listener being monotonous, and it was no easy task." Joseph Haydn

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