Steve Hill Solo Recordings Volume 1

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Format: CD

1. Ever Changing World 2. Love Got Us Blind 3. Out Of Phase 4. Honey Bee 5. Comin' Back To You 6. King Of The World 7. Politician 8. Gotta be Strong and Carry On 9. Ain't Wastin' Time No More 10. The Ballad of Johnny Wabo 11. Preachin' Blues 12. Granted

Already a star in his home province of Quebec at the age of 25, Steve Hill ranks among the top blues-based artists in Canada. He has received praise from critics and nominations from the Real Blues Awards, Maple Blues Awards, ADISQ's Felix and the Juno Awards. Steve got an early start in music, joining his first professional touring band at 16, before starting his own project in 1994. This led the the 1997 self-titled album and the acclaimed "Call it What You Will" (1999). Both albums have achieved best-selling status in Canada and showcase Steve's outstanding vocals, guitar playing and songwriting. Evolving from a strong blues base, Steve and his band are not afraid to tackle any form of roots music, be it rock, swing or surf. Their high-energy shows are a treat for audiences and continuously generate new and devoted fans. They have toured extensively throughout Canada, France and Belgium over the past two years.

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