Mongolie Chants Diphoniques Et Instruments Traitio

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Chinbat Baasankhuu & Bayarbaatar Davaasuren; Produit par Bernard Fort

1. “Avgiin tsagaan uul” (La montagne blanche de Avga) 3’18” 2. “Mandah nar” (Le lever du soleil) 8’38” 3. “Chinggis Khaanii Magtaal” (Louange de Gengis Khan) 13‘03” 4. “Khilen khariin khatiraa” (le galop du cheval noir velouté) 4’40” 5. ”Khangain magtaal” (Louange de Khanghaï) 6’36” 6. “Sudgiin nogoo” (Attendant son fiancé) 4’44” 7. “Oirdiin Uria” (Thème des Oirats) 4’24” 8. “Tes Goliin magtaal” (Louange de la rivière de Tes) 4’25” 9. “Zadgai tsagaan uul” (La montagne blanche) 0’33” 10. “Morin khuuriin tatlaga : khoton” (mélodie et danse traditionnelle pour Morin-khuur d’origine Khoton) 2’46” 11. “Variations sur une mélodie populaire” 9’47” 12. “Manduul khaanii Magtaal ” (Eloge de Manduul khan) 2’41”

"Geography and history define part of Man’s culture. The vast, wind-blown steppes, with yurts scattered here and there, and horsemen bearing their cultural identity, translate into music thanks to vocal techniques unlike any other. According to legend, the Gobi Altaï to the west of this country is the first place where the Khöömii was heard, the famous throat-singing technique specific to Mongolia. Bernard Fort went there to record the two bestknown performers in the Mongolian tradition: Bayarbaatar Davaasuren, today considered one of the greatest Khöömii singers (sometimes accompanying himself on the Morin-Khuur or the Tovshur); and Chinbat Baasankhuu, a Yatga specialist." Benjamin GOLDENSTEIN & Patrick FRÉMEAUX

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