Judee Sill - Live In London, Bbc Recordings 72-73

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Label: WATER
Catalog: WATER197
Format: CD

1. Jesus Was A Cross Maker 2. Lady-O 3. The Lamb Ran Away With The Crown 4. Enchanted Sky Machines 5. The Kiss 6. Down Where The Valleys Are Low 7. There's A Rugged Road 8. The Phoenix 9. The Donor 10. Soldier Of The Heart 11. Interview 12. Enchanted Sky Machines 13. The Kiss 14. Down Where The Valleys Are Low 15. The Phoenix 16. Jesus Was A Cross Maker 17. The Kiss 18. Down Where The Valleys Are Low

A blueprint for the early-'70s Laurel Canyon sound, Judee Sill's short-lived star was still shining brightly when she pulled into London for a pair of live shows in 1972 and 1973, recorded by the BBC. Sill performing entirely solo, her saintly voice is escorted only by acoustic guitar or piano on a playlist culled wholly from her 1971 self-titled debut and 1972's Heart Food. Only an eager audience's response between tracks and Sill's own timid introductions of what lies next remind you that the album is live. Apologizing for her thick accent, she tells of hearing "Lady-O" on the radio as recorded by the Turtles, her dreams of space-age raptures turning up in "Enchanted Sky Machines," and how "Down Where the Valleys Are Low" channels '50s R&B into a "religious love song." Then she utterly nails the diffident beauty so prevalent on her studio recordings, such as the meandering vocals of "Jesus Was a Crossmaker" and the nursery-rhyming "Lamb Ran Away with the Crown." Sill's nearly five-minute interview with the BBC's Bob Harris is a bonus, and a haunting peek into a future cut far too short. --Scott Holter

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