Zita Swoon Group: Wait For Me

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Format: CD

Sababu (The Reason) Sababu (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | A Sera, A Waara (He Came, He Went) A Sera, A Waara (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | Tasuma/ Ji (Fire/Water) Tasuma Ji (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | Taare (Surprise) Taare (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | A Ni Baara (Greetings To He Who Works) A Ni Baara (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | Nisòndiya (Joy) Nisondiya (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | Taamala Fisa (It's Good To Travel) Taamala Fisa (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | Sia Slide Sia Slide (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | Ala Lon Man Di (God Is Hard To Know) Ala Lon Man Di (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | Ko Bènna Waati (Everything Has It's Time) Ko Benna Waati (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | A y'i Majigin (Respect yourself) A Y'i Majigin (preview) by Zita Swoon Group × | Nègèn (To Flatter) Negen (preview) by Zita Swoon Group ×

Zita Swoon is one of Belgium’s most popular bands, ever since Stef Kamil Carlens left dEUS (which he co-founded with Tom Barman) and started the group around the mid-’90s, under the name Moondog Jr. (soon rechristened Zita Swoon, at the request of Louis Hardin, the original Moondog). After releasing a string of successful albums and touring around Europe, Stef Kamil began to feel restricted by the commonly-accepted notions of how a ‘rock band’ should operate, and gradually turned Zita Swoon into a polymorphous collective, which works on a range of specific projects, often combining different media. Together they form a new lab for scene productions of hybrid performances. The cosmopolitan company Antwerp internationalists is renamed ZITA SWOON GROUP. “The coming years we, Zita Swoon Group, want to get more specific when it comes to the shape and content of our concerts and we want to realize an equal relationship between vocal and instrumental work. Musically, we continue to zoom in on the different aspects of our work: melody, harmony, experimentation and rhythm. The latter is prominent in all of our projects and is becoming even more important and outlined through our collaboration with artists from different cultures. In regards to content our concerts are becoming a whole and we’re looking for a clear concept for each project. Zita Swoon Group wants to bridge other disciplines and our performances need to become more visual and multidisciplinary. The visual has always been very present, but we’re going to delve even deeper in the coming years and we’re starting a dialog again with artists from the dance, theatre and visual arts world. All this needs to result in a series of concerts that goes much further than a presentation of the latest compositions. Though the music will continue to play a leading role, the spectator will experience so much more” - Stef Kamil Carlens

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