Davis: Ben-hur 1925 Ost

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Catalog: CDC014
Format: CD

Davis, C: Ben-Hur MGM 1925 Film 1. Opening Titles The Nativity 2. i. The Cave of David 3. ii. Star of Bethlehem 4. iii. The Adoration of the Magi 5. Esther And The Young Prince Roman March And Disaster 6. i. Gratus’ Entry into Jerusalem 7. ii. Storming the Palace and Arrest 8. Galley Slave 9. Pirate Battle 10. Iras The Egyptian The Chariot Race 11. i. The gathering of the Chariots 12. ii. The Race Ben-Hur’s Return 13. i. The Palace of Hur 14. ii. Lepers Via Dolorosa 15. i. The Way of the Cross 16. ii. Miracle Earthquake And New Dawn 17. i. Collapse of the Senate 18. ii. The Resurrection Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Carl Davis

The Royal Liverpool Orchestra became identified with Carl Davis’s score for the 1925 Ben-Hur after several performances in Liverpool and Cardiff in 1988. So well received were the shows that this recording was made in 1989. In the Olympic year of 2012 the Philharmonia decided to screen the film, on the 9th June at the Royal Festival Hall, prompting this re-release, which has been re-mastered by K&A Productions. The album was previously available on the Silva Screen label. The Score written by Carl Davis is based on a Straussian ‘Natur Tema’ and he also wanted to quote a well-known part of the liturgy choosing the simple phrase which is well known as The Dresden Amen. The booklet comes with a short history on the making of the film, with stills from the film and Carl Davis explains how the music paints a picture showing how the story unfolds bringing the silent film to life. The screening of the film will be widely advertised and an extensive PR campaign will run in tandem with the performance.

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