For Ever Fortune: Scottish Music, 18th Century

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Label: ALPHA
Catalog: ALPHA531
Format: CD

Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien, François Lazarevitch
Robert Getchell, tenor

01 Saw na ye my Peggie 02 MacCrimmon's Lament 03 Johnnie Cope - Laughlan's lilt 04 Princess Royal - For ever Fortune 05 Mrs Judge 06 John Anderson My Jo 07 Kennet's Dream 08 Etrick Banks 09 The Fyket - Miss Bisset Logierait's reel - Was ye at the Bridal - The Cadgers of the Cannongate 10 Benney side 11 Pearlin Peggie's Bonny 12 The Gwin gad Albor 13 Adew Dundee 14 For our lang biding here 15 Joy gae wi' my love - The Flaughter Spade - Patrick McDonald's Jig 16 Loch-Erroch Side 17 The Flower of Edinburgh - Lady Mary Hay's Scotch Measure 18 Lochaber 19 Muirland Willie 20 Moc Donogh's lamentation 21 The Wawking of the faulds - I wish I wou'd marry me - An Caora crom - Ratha fair - Haud the lass till I come at her - Clean Peas Strae

One of the most fascinating aspects of Scottish music in the eighteenth century is the extent to which traditional and classical music interacted. And by the early nineteenth century, Scottish songs had become popular in Europe too, and were being arranged by composers such as Haydn and Beethoven.
The performances on this CD honour that lively and sensitive interaction which, perhaps uniquely, gives expression to an ideal of social and artistic cohesion.
This new recording is a fine addition to Alpha's Chants de la Terre series, devoted to pieces stemming from oral tradition that have had a considerable impact on the written repertoire and continue to enchant the ear.
Lively dances, played with joyful energy, exquisite Scottish airs, beautifully sung by the tenor Robert Getchell...
Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien, led by Français Lazarevitch, take us once again into fascinating regions inhabited by grace and pure delight.

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