Ahmad Al Khatib & Youssef Hbeisch: Sabîl

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Label: Institut du Monde Arabe
Catalog: 321090
Format: CD

Ahmad Al Khatib & Youssef Hbeisch

Take me along / Exode I - Moses / Exode II - Canaan / Exode III - Two Rivers / The Rose Vendor / For Alix / Maqâm for Gaza / On the Way / Wedding / Fragrance / Their Palestine

This album invites us to follow the mysterious paths of the soul, to a place where new impressions are created.
Lutenist Ahmad Al Khatib's deep and complex intrumental work interwines with Youssef Hbeisch's percussive virtuosity, offering us a visionof the future of Oriental music. Their music is poetic, sometimes restless and vigorous. It suggests, with great subtlety, a profound knowledge of man's sentiments, desires, dreams, and nightmares.

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