Piero Sidoti: Genteinattesa

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Label: Chant du Monde
Catalog: 2742079
Format: CD

Piero Sidoti, voice & guitar; Roberto Dani, drums a percussions; Claudio Giusto, drums a percussions; Salvatore Maiore, double bass; Francesco Bertolini, guitars; Antonio Marangolo, piano & saxophones; Alessandra Pascali, voice

What makes Sidoti different from most of those who sing, write songs or do both? To tell the truth, I'm not absolutely sure but I suppose it's his face and his ethnic and cultural origins. Piero knows lots but he doesn't tell everything in one go; he starts off a long way away like all those who come from the far side of mystery, and can talk about a Brazilian whore who works between Gorizia and Fiume and lives with a little monkey that spends its time shelling peanuts and marrow seeds. I don't know if you've realised by now that I'm faced with a truly different phenomenon here, with eyes that smell more than they see and ears deliberately designed to listen to mysterious sunsets or sunrises across the sea.
Without entering the jungle of words or falling into the trap of rhetoric, I'll give you the one piece of advice that'll help you appreciate this record: take a deep breath, hold it, then plunge right in and go all the way through to the end!

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