René Lacaille: Poksina

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Label: Daqui
Catalog: 332047
Format: CD

René Lacaille: accordion, charango, percussions, vocal; Oriane Lacaille: percussions, snare, kayanm, vocal; Marc Lacaille: percussions, bass, flute, trumpet, vocal; Yanis Lacaille: roulèr, batas, snare, chorus

Songs chosen by René Lacaille as this album represent a part of the musical heritage of La Réunion which he registered again and adapted in the family tradition, with his children and his nephew Yanis, he made a work of harmonization on the voices, to propose a new version.
The themes are the ones of the Creole life, and the subjects are the peasant life, the cutting of the cane, the poverty, the seduction, the love and the slavery.
It is the best tribute which this musician faithful to his roots could return to a music by which he was always inspired.

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